Benjamin Winter’s folk roots have snuck their way back into his songs as he has matured as a singer-songwriter in recent years. Son of a cowboy & raised on old country & gospel, maybe the flavor should have presented itself earlier, but he has organically found himself within the embrace of the “Nu-Folk” movement (Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, Head & The Heart). Weaving playful lyrics with a social & soulful message, Benjamin just wants to figure out what we all have in common and sing you song about it. “If we happen to get in a conversation during a show, that’s fine too. Whatever”
Soon after the end of an American Football career that ended in injury, Benjamin Winter found himself trying to figure out who he was if he couldn’t catch footballs for a living. The answer became clear as songs started showing up uninvited. Fast forward 13 years, 1,000 shows and more up’s & downs with music industry and bandmates than can be recalled, Benjamin operates with his outfit The Make Believe: an international rotating cast of cellos, guitars, keys, drums, bass, trumpets and vocalists. “Whoever I can afford or is board enough to work for beer at the time ” says Benjamin. “I am a father of 2 now and it’s a paradigm shift of existence. Beautiful and Impossible to be who I was before. It’s an insightful chapter of this journey as a songwriter and giving me new stories to tell. Not about kids really, just the way I see the world differently now. Or try to see it through all the dirty diapers. Whatever. Just gotta keep singing”

Benjamin Winter- Vocals/Guitars/keys
Jake Krohn- drums (USA)
Jacob Aranda – everything (USA)
Paul Smith-Stewart – Bass (USA)
Jonas Pap- Cello (NL)
Herman Ypma- Drums (NL)
Jeroen Kok – Bass (NL)
Lydia van Maurik-Wever-keys/vocals (NL)
Jeroen Ligter –  morale leader